Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Happy Halloween

Hope you are all playing lovely, not too scary tunes tonight - wherever you are!

We had our little costume party yesterday - so as not to really attract any ghosts and monsters. And because it's a holiday here today - but not tomorrow.
Think tonight I'll be rereading lots of my  blog posts..... I got this lovely email today - and reread my email it responded to. Well - it wasn't too bad but I think it said things I didn't write... I thought I wrote about meeting people and how much I enjoy sharing passion for music. I think it reads ... differently. Not embarrasingly so but enough to make me wonder ... how much of what I write is understood? Or understandable... (And how many typos plus autocorrect changes do I miss?)... I sometimes check what google translate does to my writing to make sure it doesn't do too funny things...

Anyway - passion for music and meeting people and .... having a few tunes! So many people I'd love to have tunes with and every now and then we succeed in luring a few to our house!
Some are unsuspecting strangers, others are regulars. Like Conny who keeps coming back. Even if she has to dress up as tune!

I am pretty sure that she only comes back to pick up the stuff she left behind the last time around. Vicious circle. My favourite so far: "Forgot her shoes when she left". When Conny leaves we have a little guessing game. We never ask IF she left something behind. Only how much and how weird. (Sweet Jona got taken home and her dog, too!)

I put the camera down after a few warm-up pictures and only picked it up again much later.... the only one in full costume at that time was Lori  - I think she is "pigeon on the gate"....

Most of the other stuff got abandoned before I had it on camera. Like the most important accessories for our group costume "geese in the bog"...

Isa is still "out on the ocean" but I think she should be "sailor on the rock" and I most definately need to learn that tune!

By the way: I forgot the set "the moon and the seven stars" was in... I think I picked it up from some of the Hannover musicians with.... "sunnyside" and "Michael McGoldricks"..?.. or maybe I didn't. Have to relearn Michael McGoldrick's anyway. 

I have no picture of "Mrs Brennans psychological problems"! And just realise we didn't play that one! Jeez! Come back here! I can think of some more tunes we didn't play!

It was a lovely evening! Thanks for coming over!

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