Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Zur Feier des Tages

I thought I'd open it today: The "holy" can of Belhaven that has been sitting in my fridge for.... for ages it seems.
And I thought that recording a celebratory tune to go with the picture would be nice.... only - I couldn't decide on a tune. But since I knew I wouldn't play well anyway: Why not learn a new one? One to go with the beer. A pint of Belhaven and the Bellharbour reel. Here's to your health:

Learning a tune and recording it straightaway is not to be recommended! But amazingly: I have made about 15 recordings - getting confused and a-rhythmical in a million different ways - but they are all exactly 1 minute and 26 seconds long! (This one had bits cut off at the beginning and end but it was 1'26'' when I recorded it)

It's a nice little tune and hopefully one day I'll be able to play it....

Anyway: There's a story to go with the tune. Or rather: A story about Bellharbour in Co. Clare. With most of the folk sitting over a pint in the local pub on december 7th 1941. When suddenly one of the farmers dashed in - all excited. Asking everybody to get pitchforks and shovels and whatever can be used as a weapon and come down to the harbour! He had heard it on the radio just now: The Japanese are attacking Bellharbour!

Prost! Many happy returns!

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