Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Where music ends and silence begins

“That’s where heaven is: Where music ends and silence begins” (John B. Keane wrote that in “The Bodhrán Makers”)
That delicious, glorious, sweet moment when you play music with someone (or dance) - when you connect - and the music comes to an end. The last note still lingering in the air - looking into each other’s eyes you know where you have just been - together. That rare, fleeting moment between worlds - full of magic and bliss.

That quote came to me a lot in the last weeks… there are other moments when music ends. And they are not heaven. Just silence.

Going through my recordings and remembering all the music was wonderful. All those memories! It brought back sights and smells and tastes. It brought back smiles and tears.
I remember racing up north. Drawn through the tiring fog. At the end of that steep, winding road I met Catweazle, who plays the pipes.

I remember moments that made my heart sing, I remember when I saw the first star on a summer night that had been full of music, and I remember other moments….
Not a day goes by without...

Remembering and sharing bits of the musical part of my journey was a way to avoid the silence. Postpone it for another little while.
Well… this is where this music ends…. the last recordings to share. I thought I wouldn’t find words for this post. The ones I found probably don’t make much sense and there is much more I’d love to write that would make even less sense.

The last recording I made: Lonesome eyes - Thanks Juan for that lovely tune! It was a wonderful evening ...

Another lovely afternoon .... turned up on youtube:

There might be other music....  I hope there will be.... "Itchy Fingers" was suddenly there on concertina - rather badly - but making me smile! A sweet Sliabh Luachra polka that probably wasn't meant for me - but the flute had picked it made the air dance under my fingers again! Feels lovely!

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