Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2016

Facebook is like....

...Oban on a sunny summer day! Shockingly busy! Phew!
I thought about getting on facebook before my journey but decided against it. I wanted to see for myself. Meet people and find out. Discover. I felt it would be less of a discovery if I’d simply meet “virtual friends” and their sheep. That it’d be more of a “now I finaly see for myself” instead of… well… real discoveries.

Now - after coming back - I thought it would be nice to stay in touch with people I got to know but didn’t become enough of a friend with to write emails or letters. Would also be nice to start a virtual journey in search of sheep - now that I am physically back.
So I did it - joined facebook!
What a shock! Places, people, the whole world - squeezed into a super-high-density-bubble of realities! So many people! Well, what did I expect? It IS a social network... it's where people meet.... I love meeting people! I just can’t cope with crowds.

I want to stare at the screen and imagine who’s on the other side - be told and shown what's there - I don’t actually want to look OUT the other side... not millions of other sides! Gets me too close without being anywhere.  

Feels like it interferes… clicking your way through stuff is nice. And it’s oh so interesting! Lots of sheep on facebook! Our reptilian brain again - seeking - kicks for clicks... But it interferes …. with things that are not easy to take….with getting bored for example! With brooding and pondering. With writing down the important stuff - that mightn’t be for anybody’s eyes but my own. With truly arriving back home. And maybe even with ever setting out again….

Just now facebook is not for me...

Something else to keep the ever-seeking brain occupied: Looking through photos to see what I did exactly three months ago and six and nine and ....

one year ago mysterious arrows appeared in the snow - probably pointing to some hidden treasure:

 roughly two years ago poor Swift was feeling really sorry for herself....

No idea why this came out in english.... it's not even about music... I think about music in english... 
Well - this blog has been through google translate before ;-)

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