Donnerstag, 16. März 2017


I was (nearly) sure, I'd post a picture today of this year's first lamb.... a little ewe lamb, black gulmoget, born today...would be named "Joy"... well... it seems that precise orders of this type can't be delivered on or before time! So while I wait......  I'll post something else....

A little boring - I posted this little air before but.... it changed over time. It grows. This little air accumulates memories! Keeps them safe and plays them back to me to make me smile. From having captured just one moment it grew to - so much more. My love and my longing for the sea. My memories of all those places - all those moments. Simplified to .... Joy.... I don't know how they get there and which ones get chosen. And I can't play the air to see what got stuck on recently. But whenever I do play it - for its own sake - it rewards me with something special. It is the poem I wish I could write. Chop off all the extra words. Strip down memories - to what is ...pure! The piggybank of joyous moments....(THERE! The stuff poems get written about!)

The sea ... is in this air. The waves of two oceans. The icy cold waves of the pacific flowing through golden gate. The cry of pelicans and the blast of a ship passing.
There's Bannamin in the notes. With nosy seals watching me play. There's the beach on Burra in it - with that weird sound the pebbles make with each wave retreating. There is Arran in this tune - strange Arran with its belgian squirrels....(and a wee Terrier attacking Swift - and me shouting abuse in german.) There's Baltimore and the school boat from Cape Clear and the whales out there somewhere. There's magic Sandy Cove.

I wish I could record this to sound as it feels. Not squeeky Eb flute played into my phone.... in front of the fire which is actually not the nice crackling sound that it IS but a strange wheezing noise...
strange little thing that means so much... It'll always be there. I'm glad it is. In my heart. In the waves.

Accumulate moments of joy and make this day special! And tomorrow. And all the days to come! Find a tune that stores them for you and make it burst with memories of those moments of joy!

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